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Homy Inn

You can't leave Omaha without a visit here. Around 20 beers on tap and 2 types of champagne. Yes, you read that right. Worth doing once. It's a bar for locals and has to be seen to be believed. Wonderful decor and a memorable experience. No food, but you can have a pizza or other Italian food from Sgt. Peffers delivered to your seat from across the street.

St. Patrick’s Day

Not any different from other towns.

College World Series

I didn't know this existed until I moved here. Lasting a few weeks, it is very hard to get a hotel room or campsite nearby while this is going on. However, it’s a good time. Tailgating is expected and all the bars near TD Ameritrade Park have specials and open up temporary beer gardens. Don’t have a spot? Walk around with a backpack cooler and make some friends. Test tube shots are also a good way to make friends. Obviously if you're outdoors you need to drink (and have open containers) in specified areas. The cops are already mad they have to babysit a bunch of drunk frat boys, don’t become part of the problem.