There are quite a few Oktoberfests in Omaha and everyone plays well with another and schedules them for different weekends. Bring your stein if you have one, as nobody likes drinking out of a plastic cup if they can avoid it. Glassware will usually be on sale at these events. Family friendly.

  • The most popular is held at the German-American Society.
  • Gerda’s shouldn't be missed. RIP Gerda. Future of this event is uncertain.
  • Huber Haus is generally quite nice.
  • Lucky Bucket does one, but it seems to be more of a marketing thing vs. an actual celebration
  • There are a few more...

I've always thought it would be great to get all of these together and have one huge street fair bash kind of a thing to draw in tourists, etc. However, if you're in town in late September - early October, ask your bartender which one is coming up this weekend. You'll have a good time.