Old Market

The Old Market is the ‘fun’ part of the downtown area. The area used to be a bunch of warehouses and slaughterhouses. There are just too many places to list. I will focus on places the professional drinker would enjoy.

  • Upstream Brewpub
  • Brickway Brewery
  • Local
  • Old Market Tap House
  • Havana Garage
    • Excellent humidor in the basement if you like cigars.
    • Only 8 taps but they are all good craft beers. As the owner said “People who drink Light beers generally prefer a bottle or do not care. Why waste a tap on them?”
    • Cool atmosphere and staff
    • Neat variety of people
  • Dubliner
    • An alright beer selection
    • It’s in a basement
    • An Omaha institution.
  • Cubby’s
    • The only gas station in the Old Market.
    • The closest thing to a bottle shop in the Old Market. Selection is actually quite good, all things considered.