List of Craft Beer Related Places in NoDo

Most of these places are covered more deeply in other parts of the guide. I just list them up top to give people destinations to think about, if they want to pub crawl.

  • The Session Room
    • Decent craft beer selection
    • Staff is not knowledgeable in my experience over six or so visits.
    • Pizza Cones. Get you some.
  • Zipline Taphouse
    • A good brewery out of Lincoln
  • Blatt
    • You'll find this under Beer Bars.
    • Decent food.

Other Places Worthy Of Mention

  • The Old Mattress Factory
    • Mostly 'domestics' on tap.
    • Decent food
  • Film Streams
    • Omaha's only art filmhouse
    • You can totally buy a beer here to enjoy during your screening
  • Slowdown
    • One of the better music venues in town. Excellent tap selection.