Exit 442

This area is fairly new, and things are a bit spread out, there's a lot of quality to be had. Also known as the Pintagon... but that will likely go away once a sixth brewery opens.

List of Craft Beer Related Places off Exit 442

Most of these places are covered more deeply in other parts of the guide. I just list them up top to give people destinations to think about, if they want to pub crawl.

  • Lucky Bucket Brewery
  • Nebraska Brewing Company Taproom and Production Facility
  • Infusion Brewing Company Taproom and Production Facility
  • Kros Strain Brewing
  • Pint 9 Brewing

Other Places Worthy Of Mention

  • Beyond Golf
    • Decent Food
    • Indoor Virtual Driving Range
    • Nice Craft Selection
  • Alamo Drafthouse
    • The best movie theater ever
    • Bar has a good craft selection
  • Cut Spike Distillery
    • At Lucky Bucket
  • Local Craft Beer Bar West
    • Lots of Craft Beers. 95% Local.
  • Patriarch Distillers