Benson was the hipster area of town, when hipsters still existed. If you want to read more about it, here’s the link to the Wikipedia article:,_Nebraska)

Because of the historical significance of this area of town, most of the businesses have restored to original specs due to the tax credits received.

Parking seems to be a concern for most people. It’s really not that bad. There is a lot south of Maple on 61st Street that I almost never have a problem parking in. If that fails me, I’ll park in the neighborhood south of here. If you get lucky and get a spot ON Maple, that’s awesome! Unless it’s in front of a place where smokers are going to lean on your car all night...

List of Craft Beer Related Places in Benson

Most of these places are covered more deeply in other parts of the guide. I just list them up top to give people destinations to think about, if they want to pub crawl.

  • Krug Park - Beer Bars
  • 1912 - Bar with food and a decent tap selection
  • The Waiting Room - Live Music
  • Reverb Lounge - Live Music
  • Jake’s - Beer Bars
  • Beercade - Beer Bars
  • St. Andrews - Beer Bars
  • Infusion Brewing Company - Brewpubs/Breweries
  • Benson Brewing Company - Brewpubs
  • Jerry’s Bar - Beer Bars
  • Barchen - Beer Garden

Other Places Worthy Of Mention

  • Burrito Envy
    • Burritos, Tequila.
  • Barley Street Tavern
    • Good place to catch a very small DIY punk/folk/etc. show.
    • Pet the cat
    • Not horrible tap selection
  • Burke’s Pub
    • If you like beers that end with the word Lite or Light, this is the place for you.
  • Fullhouse Bar
    • These people will tow your car, possibly even if you're inside (it has happened). Then they will laugh at you. Do not park here. I've been in this place twice. I wished I hadn't twice.
  • Leo’s Diner
    • It’s a good place to get greasy breakfast type foods. I think some of the staff have been there for years.
  • Lover's Luxuries
    • Ok, so why is the local sex shop on here? The tunnel of love. Go in, and when they ID you ask and they will show you the way. It's definitely something to check out while in the area as funhouse tunnels aren't very common.
  • Virtuoso Pizza
    • Damn fine pizza. Walk up pizza slice window.
  • Ted & Wally's
    • Get some locally made ice cream.