Infusion Brewing Company - Omaha, NE

Technically not a brewpub, as there's a very limited selection of food. This is in Benson and is a short walk from Krug Park, Jake's and Benson Brewery. Check out the Icebox series which is towards the front of the bar and is served out of an old refrigerator. Usually these won't be brewed again. There's also a production facility out west.

A second location is opening shortly in Little Bohemia off 13th Street. There will be a second Beercade nearby.

Benson Brewing Company

Excellent beer. Staff is variable. If you like a coffee stout, have the Brewer's Duet. Food is great. Enjoy.

Farnam House Brewing Company

A few doors down from the Crescent Moon. Food is excellent. Beer is good, better than most brewpub offerings. Focus is on beer, food comes secondary, but is still above average. Staff is variable.

Nebraska Brewing Company - Papillion

South of town in Papillion, this brewpub usually has 10-15 beers on tap. The food is alright, but I would just stick to the appetizers or perhaps a burger. Staff is usually not knowledgeable, but every once in a while you will be surprised. True beer geeks should just head out west to hit the production facility taproom. While the company overall focuses on beer over food, this location doesn't have that feel to it sometimes.

Upstream Brewing Company

The standard lineup beers are nothing special, but that’s no reason to not get a sampler flight. This brewery really shines with it’s seasonals and specials. Food is good, although can be overpriced. Staff knowledge is really all over the place, but they seem to be helpful if not always overly friendly or prompt. Very small distribution, mainly to the local bottle shops in town and only for their seasonals and specials. Overall it seems they focus on being a restaurant over making beer.

Thunderhead Brewing Taphouse

A brewery from Kearney, NE has a taphouse in town. Cornstalker Dark Wheat is a go-to beer for me. There is one at 144th and Center and also one downtown.


Not quite a brewpub, but if you like Indian food, it’s an option. This might not be the best rated Indian food in town, but they do have a couple of beers they make onsite. Only available in the restaurant. Since I don’t like Indian food I have only had this once at a beer fest. Quite good, all things considered.