Local Breweries

Nebraska Brewing Company - La Vista, NE

This is about the taproom. For the brewpub, see the brewpub page. I recommend the taproom, which is attached to the production brewery. Everything they make is going to be on tap unless it is out of season. There is food, but the selection is limited. This is out west at about 108th and Harrison, very close to The Bullet Hole if you want to go shooting... obviously come here afterward.

Lucky Bucket - La Vista, NE

Has consistency issues with quite a few of its beers. This seems to be improving with time, though I will admit with all the options I have I'm not really willing to try again. Available widely in the area, even at places you wouldn't expect it. Check their website for tour hours, etc. There is also a distillery on premises, which is somewhat unique when it comes to brewery tours.

Infusion Brewing Company - La Vista, NE

The production facility out west is what this entry is about. It's quite near the NBC and Lucky Bucket facilities. And Pint 9 / Kros Strain.

Kros Strain - La Vista, NE

Out west, next to Pint 9. Just opened in June 2017. Excellent beer.

Pint 9 - La Vista, NE

Right next to Kros Strain.


Named after the original neighborhood in Omaha (where the railworkers lived), this brewery focuses on sessionable beers. Recently added 'Yotus' and 'Yitz & Yots' to the lineup which are damn fine IPAs.


Formerly Borgata, this is right downtown around the corner from Upstream. Is also a distillery. The whisky is worth a try.

Vis Major

Near 35th and Center. Quality beers from what I've sampled so far, but can be a bit hit or miss.

Jukes Aleworks - Elkhorn, NE

Not open yet. However, these guys make some excellent beers. Knowing these guys, they are going to be focusing on BIG Stouts and Barleywines. Case in point: At current the plan is to be open in July 2019.

Soaring Wings - Springfield, NE

Technically outside of the Omaha area, this winery recently started making beers. Springfield isn't far and it’s nice to get out into the country and walk around the winery. Afterwards, I would suggest hitting up the bars in town to get a local feel. No distribution, only available on site and at various beer fests in the area.

  • SR-71 Blackbird Stout
  • A bunch of other beers that I can't recall at the moment.

Other Nebraska Breweries

Blue Blood - Lincoln, NE

Started by a bunch of ex-cops, each beer they make has a badge number associated with it. They have had consistency issues. I'm told that got cleared up. The brewery sits on a cave system which is neat to check out.

Zipline - Lincoln, NE

A fairly important player in the Nebraska brewing scene. Most of their beer is quite good. There's a taphouse in Omaha in NoDo to check out as well.

Thunderhead - Kearney, NE

If you happen to be driving west on 80 through Nebraska, stop here. Neat little brewpub. I particularly like the Cornstalker Dark Wheat. They have a taphouse West in Omaha and a newer one downtown. Was given the Hopluia beer to continue it, which was one of the first popular craft beers in Nebraska.

Gottberg - Columbus, NE

A bit out of the way. Used to be fairly active in the brewing scene. I haven't heard from them or seen them represented in Omaha in quite a while.

Scratchtown - Ord, NE

About an hour and a half north of Kearney, and well off the beaten path. Excellent beers and cozy little taproom.

Kinkaider - Broken Bow, NE

About an hour west of Scratchtown. Excellent beers. The brewery is out in the country. Has enough room for festivals, etc. There are also taprooms in many other central Nebraska towns.

Backswing - Lincoln, NE

Haven't been yet, unfortunately.

White Elm - Lincoln, NE

Consistently makes good beers.

Boiler Brewing Company - Lincoln, NE

I swear I went here once, but I don't recall.

First Street - Hastings, NE

I've not had many of their beers. I have liked the 3 or 4 I've tried.

Lazy Horse - Ohiowa, NE

Fairly new. Way out in the middle of nowhere, doesn't get to town very often.

Cosmic Eye - Lincoln, NE

In the old Lazer Quest. Interesting beers. Metal themed.

Divots - Norfolk, NE

I've not had their beers yet, unfortunately.

Empyrean - Lincoln, NE

One of the older craft breweries in Nebraska.

Code Beer - Lincoln, NE

Seems to make decent beer.

5168 Brewing - Lincoln, NE

Also has a taproom in Midtown Crossing near Blackstone.

Green Flash - Lincoln, NE

Yes, this is the brewery from San Diego. But they brew here as well, for some reason. Possibly could be placed in the brewpub category.