Beer Bars

This list is in no particular order, though at one time it was. Newer stuff is at the bottom. Closed places have been deleted.

Crescent Moon

3578 Farnam Street


This bar consistently makes the Draft Magazine Top 100 Beer Bars List and for good reason.

  • The oldest craft beer bar in Omaha, this place opened in 1996.
  • It has over 60 craft/imported beers on tap.
  • Plenty of more selections are available in the cooler.
  • Make sure to see what is on the beer engine.
  • Physically connected to Huber Haus, Max & Joes and Beertopia.
  • Staff is friendly and knowledgeable, however I have heard the complaint that service can be slow when it is busy.
  • Food is excellent if you are into bar food.

Anything Max & Joes has on tap can be ordered here also. They also do the majority of beer fests in town. The Blackstone Reuben is named for the Blackstone Hotel which is now offices that are across the street, where the original Reuben was created. The crowd in this bar changes frequently. Families, sports fans, college kids. Depends on the time of day, etc. If you're the kind of person who likes to take your time, and really get to know the bartender, like I am, the best time to go is about 2pm on Saturday. The lunch crowd will still be there but will thin out soon. In any case, have a seat and a server will be with you shortly. I only say this because I'm tired of hearing the bartenders say it to everyone walking in the door. If you look out the front window to the left, you'll see the Kiewit Building where Warren Buffett has his offices. I've heard that he comes over for lunch sometimes, but I've never been around to verify this.

Max & Joe’s

3578 Farnam St.


After walking into Crescent Moon, immediately take a right and check the sign next to the door to see if this bar is open. Generally it opens at 5, but is also sometimes closed for private parties. Decor is supposed to be 50’s inspired and the bar is named after the owner’s parents; pictures of whom can be seen over the bar. The bar itself is made out of an old bowling alley. ~15 Belgian Beers are on tap and many bottle options are available. Additionally many top shelf drinks and mixed drinks are on the menu. This is usually the least busy of the three bars and is a nice place to drink if you like it quieter. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. If you are not sitting at the bar, have a seat. It’s all table service. Feel free to wave them down if you need something.

Huber Haus

3578 Farnam St.


After walking into the Crescent Moon, keep walking straight and go down the stairs. Decor is German Bier Hall. While booths are available, it’s always fun to sit at the longtables and get to know some new people. The bar is also a good place for this. ~15 German Beers on tap, bottle selection is also in the cooler to the left of the bar. Recently they changed from strictly bar service to table service. Sit down and wait for your server. Again, you can wave them down, too. At night this turns into the Creighton University Meet Market. If you like drunken frat boys, this is the place to be. However, it can be a good time if you don’t mind crowds or like talking to college kids. Once in a while on a Saturday night, there will be live polka music, which will drive away some of those folks who can be compared to a vinegar and water solution.

Krug Park

6205 Maple Street


In it’s first year open made Draft Magazine’s Top 100 Beer Bars List. We will see if it stays there, however I see no reason that it won't as it’s an excellent bar. ~50 beers on tap and one beer engine that rotates frequently. Many other beers are available in bottles. Recently they have started cellaring beers. The owner planned no televisions from the beginning to encourage conversation between people instead of staring at shiny lights. While no food is on the menu beyond chips and salsa, you can order from Lot 2 next door or a few other local places. If you just want something to munch on, ask for some peanut butter pretzels. Staff is fairly knowledgeable. They make a mean mixed drink, including Bloody Marys for your Sunday hangover. Proper glassware is employed most of the time.


6206 Maple Street


This bar has two bars, the small one is for smoking cigars as they are known for having a good humidor. Also has a semi-outdoor area for smoking cigarettes. Has around 20 taps and a neat beer menu on a television above the bar. Semi-Proper Glassware. Generally knowledgeable staff. Makes great mixed drinks. Generally this is where the hardcore hipsters hang out, so if you like obscure music, it’s a cool place. There's also a Jake's in Lincoln, NE and the place has the same vibe.


6104 Maple Street


This bar has around 30 taps and around 30 Arcade Machines that rotate frequently, 5-6 pinball machines and a skee-ball machine. Staff could possibly be knowledgeable, no opportunity usually to find out as it’s generally crowded when I am there. A second location is opening in Little Bohemia off 13th Street shortly, near the new Infusion location.

St. Andrews

6102 Maple Street


The original location of Beercade, right next door. Great tap selection, will usually have a few UK beers such as Tennent's, etc. Will open at 6am for Premier League Soccer. Often for golf tournaments they will sod the floor. Yes, they will bring in dirt and grass and you can walk on it while enjoying a proper pint and watching golf.

Jerry’s Bar

6301 Military Avenue


Off the beaten path in Benson, this used to be a dive bar with a standard 3 ‘light’ taps. Now it’s a dive bar with 20+ craft beer taps. This bar tries to keep things low-key and doesn't do a lot of advertising, etc. More of a place for locals who are too hipster for the hipster crowd and the neighborhood.

"Nothing Good Ever Happens After Midnight."

Omaha Tap House

1403 Farnam Street

Old Market

Nice place to stop if you're downtown. Around 15 taps. Great burgers.

Blatt Brew & Table

610 North 12th Street

Old Market-ish

Directly next door to TD Ameritrade Park - Home of the College World Series (I didn't know it existed either until I moved here). It's also near the convention center. Can either be packed or dead depending on what's going on nearby. Staff is usually not the most knowledgeable. Burgers are great! Has around 20 taps and a decent bottle selection.

Blatt Brew & Table West

2835 South 170th Street

Way Out West

Just like the other one, but this one is out west.

The Library

5142 North 90th Street


It’s well northwest of most of the city. I recently revisited this place and it's pretty nice if you happen to be in this area of the city.

Wilson and Washburn

1407 Harney St, Omaha, NE 68102

Old Market

Just outside of the Old Market it's a place to stop.


10904 W Dodge Rd


Near the 108th and Dodge overpass thing which makes it somewhat hard to get to. One of those bars that's been around forever and converted into a beer bar. I've actually never been here. I hear they're a bit more expensive than most places.

The Casual Pint

8718 Countryside Plaza


It's a small chain. Done right, it's a beer bar slash bottle shop. Owners also operate a 'beer bus' that can take you around if you'd like to pay for the privilege. Out back, so you won't see it from the road.

Growler USA

16268 Evans Plaza


Another chain. 100 taps. I've actually not been yet.

Original Draughthouse

12411 West Center Road


It's a bar.


6209 Maple Street


German Beer Hall style. A few doors down from Krug Park, it has a decent tap selection, good food, and a beer garden out back.


4524 Farnam St.


German Beer Hall style. Decent tap selection, food is alright though a bit pricey. Beer garden out back. It has actual grass.