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Homy Inn

You can't leave Omaha without a visit here. Around 20 beers on tap and 2 types of champagne. Yes, you read that right. Worth doing once. It's a bar for locals and has to be seen to be believed. Wonderful decor and a memorable experience. No food, but you can have a pizza or other Italian food from Sgt. Peffers delivered to your seat from across the street.

Leavenworth Pub Crawl

Starting at about 32nd Street on Leavenworth and ending at Saddle Creek/48th Street is a nice long swath of bars. People often organize pub crawls down this way. 

Seems that this is in danger as the bar in the middle tying things together (Pauli's/Recovery Room) has been bought by the medical center to turn into a parking lot.  

St. Patrick’s Day

Not any different from other towns. This is the day that many people do the Leavenworth Pub Crawl.

College World Series

I didn't know this existed until I moved here. Lasting a few weeks, it is very hard to get a hotel room or campsite nearby while this is going on. However, it’s a good time. Tailgating is expected and all the bars near TD Ameritrade Park have specials and open up temporary beer gardens. Don’t have a spot? Walk around with a backpack cooler and make some friends. Test tube shots are also a good way to make friends. Obviously if you're outdoors you need to drink (and have open containers) in specified areas. The cops are already mad they have to babysit a bunch of drunk frat boys, don’t become part of the problem.