Welcome To Beer City Omaha

In Progress

While I wanted to get the copy up as soon as possible as it's helpful to people, the following is still a work in progress:
  • Graphics - background, site icon
  • Pictures - a picture of each venue
  • Maps - address which is a map link to each venue
  • Website URLs - linking to each venue's website.
I've also forgotten a few things:
  • Moonstruck Meadery
  • Emperyan/Laszlo's
And I'm also planning on revisiting The Library and visiting Benson Brewery for the first time.  Currently on a diet which doesn't include beer, (except on cheat days) and next week I'm heading to Asheville, NC so this may all take a bit.  If you have further suggestions send me an email.

Obviously, I don't expect everyone to agree with me.  Please don't take it personally.  If you do, I'll get upset and then likely delete your email.  Don't feed the trolls.


This site was put together initially as a way to easily share information about what's happening in the Craft Beer Scene in Omaha as rewriting it each time was becoming a very time consuming prospect.

I've written many of these guides over the years. I decided I would keep one and share it out when needed since people seem to appreciate it, and it’s a subject I enjoy writing about. If you have any suggestions or comments, drop me an email. If you want to complain about a certain establishment, keep it to yourself, or review the place somewhere online. Going to try to keep this neutral, however if I know a lot of people in the local beer community who don’t like a place, I will mention it. Again, this is all my opinion. Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear. Your mileage may vary.

Why Do You Include Some Chains And Not Others?

Ah, grey areas. Let’s just say this is my personal advice to you, the reader. If you like Granite City (I actually do on occasion), go. It’s just not unique to Omaha. This is a guide for people new to town, wanting to expand their cultural awareness of their own town, or people visiting or who may want to visit. If I don't feel it’s worth visiting, especially with all the other options available I won't mention it. Just the way it is. If you like Old Chicago, or are the less adventurous type, the Old Chicago on Cass is the best one in town. BW3 sucks everywhere, however.

I Will Only Be In Town Shortly. What Two Places Should I Go To?

I’ll have to go with Crescent Moon and the attached bars and Benson so you can hit up Krug Park and Jake’s. If you want to throw in a third or see a really cool place, you really should go to the Homy Inn and have some champagne on tap.

Where Can I Get Yuengling?

While filming Up In The Air George Clooney walked into Beertopia and asked “Do you have Yuengling?” The guy working the counter said “They don't distribute here.” and George walked right back on out. I hope that answers all your questions and I hope you enjoyed the trivia.